Our Young Horse Policy offers

generous levels of cover for your horse or pony under 15 years old

Key Features

Our Young Horse policy is designed to cover horses under the age of 15. These policies offer the widest range of cover we have available for both your horse and it's rider.

Included in the economy cover is death of the horse, loss by theft or straying and third party liability cover up to £1 million, with cover starting as low as £88.60 a year. A wide variety of options are available, including cover for Veterinary Fees, non-Veterinary Fees, personal accident to the rider, tack, loss of use and your trailer. We are also able to offer an excellent Legal Protection insurance package administered by Lawshield UK for a small additional premium.     

All in all, we can tailor your policy exactly how you want it for absolute piece of mind.

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 Cover Includes:-

  • Veterinary fees cover of up to £4,000 per claim, with a low fixed excess of £100.00.
  • Non Veterinary Fees cover available (treatment by Farrier, Physiotherapist etc).
  • Personal Accident to the Rider cover up to £20,000 on request.
  • Authorised surgical costs not limited to a percentage of the claim.
  • Tack cover can be offered whether stored at the home address or the stabling address.



What's Covered

Death of the Horse - Covers the horse for its value at the time of death, up to a maximum of the sum insured.

Loss by Theft or Straying/Hire of Replacement Horse - Covers the horse for its value at the time of loss, up to a maximum of the sum insured. Cover for advertisement of the lost horse which leads to a recovery up to £250 also included. Can also covers costs for hiring a replacement horse in the event of theft.

Personal Liability - Will cover you for claims made against you and your horse following a third party death or injury/illness and loss or damage to material property, if you are proven to be negligible.

Veterinary Fees - If chosen, will cover your horse up to £2,000, £3,000 or £4,000 per claim for veterinary treatment following an accidental injury, illness or disease. The number of claims you can make in a year is unlimited.

Non Veterinary Fees - If chosen, will cover your horse up to £500 for non-veterinary treatment such as remedial farriery work and physiotherapy, as recommended by your Veterinary Surgeon

Personal Accident - If chosen, will cover you or anyone you authorise to ride the horse against capital benefits up to £10,000 or £20,000.

Tack - If chosen, will cover your horse's riding tack up to £1,500 at your home address or up to £750 if stored at the stables.

Permanent Loss of Use - If chosen, covers the horse for its value at the time of the incident, up to a maximum of the sum insured, should the horse become permanently incapable of participating in any form of equestrian activity.

Horse Carriage/Trailer - If chosen, will cover your horse trailer, carriage, training trap and similar units used for pleasure.


Will my policy cover my daughter whilst she is riding my horse?

The policy will indemnify anyone that rides your horse providing they have your consent and no money changes hands.

Do I need to tell you if my horse sees a vet, even for something minor that I don't wish to claim for?

You must tell us of all times your horse receives any veterinary attention, whether you believe it to be minor or not. Failure to disclose may well cause problems in the event of a claim. The only exception to this is taking your horse to the vet for their regular vaccinations/worming/rasping.

My Vet has told me that my horse needs surgery, am I able to tell them to proceed?

Unlike insurance cover provided by some other insurers, at Horse and Rider surgical costs are not limited to a percentage of the claim. However, authorisation for surgery must be sought before proceeding, unless immediately necessary to preserve the life of the horse. Unfortunately, it is not unknown for some Veterinary Surgeons to recommend invasive surgical procedures before considering a more conservative approach. You will be surprised how effective a couple of months of box rest can be!

How can I make a claim?

In the unfortunate event of you needing to claim under your policy, you should contact us as soon as possible and provide details of what has happened, when it happened and which policy section you wish to claim under. At this point you will be issued a claim form, and you may also be requested to supply additional documentation from your Veterinary Surgeon, for example the horse's medical history or a post mortem report in the event of a death claim. Once you return these to us, the Underwriters will then process your claim and once treatment is complete a settlement cheque will be issued. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the easiest possible experience when it comes to making a claim. The majority of claims are also dealt with in-house, so there is no waiting around.


Please find below a link to copies of our Terms of Business for your information. Should you require any more details that cannot be obtained from these documents, please give us a call and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

Terms of Business (pdf)

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